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  MacMap®3.11 is here !

The new version of MacMap® takes advantage of all the power of Apple Silicon ARM64 M1, M2 and M3 processors. For users, this is the promise of optimal execution speed on the most recent MAC.

We took the opportunity to improve the Spreadsheet externals and those of the Statistics Pack. The display speed and processing times have been the subject of specific developments to make them more efficient.

MacMap®3.11 remains natively compatible with x86_64 Intel machines. If you are equipped with this equipment, no need to renew it to benefit from this new version.

MacMap®3.11 is compatible from MacOS 10.12 Sierra systems up to the latest version Sonoma 14.2.



  MacMap® : geography à la carte.

Use MacMap® to make you own maps ! Mac computers are known for their quality and appreciated by cartographers, graphists, designers and draughtsmen. With MacMap®, adopt the Mac cartography solution for making drawings, then visualising and analysing what you have drawn.

Incorporate databases to supply information and make calculations.  Visualise everything immediately on a map : it's easy with MacMap®!

MacMap® is a software programme capable of dealing with major public sector problems (demography, transport, the environment, health and safety, culture, architecture and heritage, archaeology ...) as well as smaller private projects (network management, itinerary calculations, impact studies ...).



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