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Carte Blanche Conseil (CBC) is a French registered SAS Company (Société par Actions Simplifiée) created in 1985, with a Capital of 310,767 Euros, with its Head Office in Paris. CBC is the editor of the MacMap® software programme for geographic information, which is very much appreciated by scientists, architects and cartographs. The software has been maintained and upgraded each year since 1997.

CBC's technical team provides database and cartographic statistics services.

As a design, planning and engineering company specialising in road transport, traffic and parking, CBC also uses its own software, which provides tremendous flexibility in business development and important gains in productivity for repetitive work.

This is the case for CBC's business as a service provider of traffic information, multi-modal transport information and parking management, as well as for using and updating numerous geographic databases from five countries.

CBC's main customers are major accounts such as the French Ministry of Ecology, the Paris Town Hall (Traffic and Travel), the Swiss Federal Roads Authority, the DGTREN and DGINFSO at the European Commission, travel information service providers such as VIAMICHELIN, various transport organising authorities and PSA Peugeot-Citroën.